A Different Way of Looking At Things Could Make A Difference

After reading the posts entitled “The End of the World as We Know It?” and “All Hell Could Break Loose,” an imaginary reader made an interesting observation.  She wrote:  

Your posts, while very, very funny and clever (have you considered writing for the Daily Show or The Colbert Report?), have nonetheless brought these questions to mind:

1. Is it illegal for judges and lawyers to make a coordinated effort to be considerate of clients? In other words, do lawyers and judges realize that even though each may be doing what each separately regards as necessary and unavoidable each day, if they don’t coordinate with each other toward the common goal of serving litigants there is a good chance that litigants will end up being “forgotten” or “ignored” by the system, to say nothing of having to pay more in legal fees?

2.  Is the “the legal system” capable of thinking about whether it could be more user-friendly and healthier for and more considerate of judges, lawyers and litigants?

3.  What is “the legal system” and who is in charge of it?