A Missed Opportunity: Unfortunate Headline For A Good Article In The Connecticut Law Tribune

There is an interesting article dated February 16, 2009 in the Connecticut Law Tribune by Douglas Malan entitled “Revealing The Dark Side Of Law Burn-out, depression afflict more attorneys in down economy.”  

The use of the word “Revealing” in the headline is unfortunate because it appears above a picture of Beth Griffin, executive director of Connecticut’s Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers.  Everyone who has heard Beth speak about LCL knows that she reveals nothing.   Calls to her are confidential.   Lawyers concerned for themselves may call her without fear.  People who are concerned about lawyers they know may call her without fear.  She reveals nothing.

A better headline might have been:  In Tough Times Help Available.

While it is certainly true that a significant number of lawyers are struggling with depression and addiction and other diseases, it is important to emphasize that help is available and that it’s not only ok to ask for help, it is the professionally responsible thing to do.