A plug for Bork Communications Group (useful as an explanation of how websites can be useful in the context of litigation)

from the BorkCG website:

Bork Communication Group, (formerly Bork & Associates), helps corporations and counsel manage the public risk inherent in high-profile litigation. We help clients use the techniques of modern communication to avoid litigation, win litigation, and above all, protect reputation.

We have designed and implemented communications strategies in some of the most important cases in recent years. Clients have included companies at every stage of litigation: from those anticipating a legal assault to those appealing bad verdicts. They span a broad range of industries and types of litigation. We have been retained in class actions and individual lawsuits involving securities fraud, toxic torts, product liability, regulatory battles, antitrust enforcement, and employment discrimination, to name but a few. In every instance we work closely with counsel to carefully craft and test messages that resonate with critical audiences and support courtroom and negotiation strategies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to insert facts into the noise and confusion of a lawsuit, to establish corporate credibility, clarity of message and critical mass of opinion. We tell our client?s story so that it is heard, understood and remembered