About this blog

Written sometime in March 2008. (updated below)

I hope to provide information about the law of lawyering and legal ethics useful to Connecticut lawyers and others. I welcome comments, suggestions, heads-up, etc.

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Update:  October 15, 2008

I do not accept that “nothing can be done.”  I believe that everyone – every lawyer  (and Judge) – can do something (quite a few things actually) worthwhile to “make things better.”  I started off wanting to be a lawyer, went through the bramble bush, and now, at age 60 believe more than ever that a life in the law, however modest or meager, can have significant meaning beyond the daily grind of finding clients and generating fees.  It has been my experience that lawyers – at least most of the ones I know and have dealt with over the years – are honest, reliable, smart and considerate.  Yet it would be easy for me to name a large number of lawyers who, like some police officers, feel trappd doing something that eats away at them, that and causes them to do, and say and feel things they don’t like, but that they can not afford to change …. or so it seems.

So this blog is about the possibility of change, of making improvements in how we, collectively, are spending our lives, how we treat people and what it means to honor and to sustain the legal profession.

I am not a preacher.  This isn’t a hot tub. I have no anwers.  I do have some thoughts to share and some stories to tell.  I don’t expect anyone to listen in.  But some people may end up here, at this blog, if only by accident.  My hope is some of what is written here will resonnate with readers, will spark a belief in the possibility that there are ways we can make our professional lives and the profession better and more satisfying.  My theory, or my hope, my belief, is that readers, perhaps prompted by some of what is written on this blog, will have some ideas, some answers, some interest in implementing changes that make sense to them in the way “they do business” (one way of looking at it) or in the way they spend their own lives and affect the lives of others (for my money a better way of looking at things).  As I said I have no interest in or ability to pursuade, to convert, to preach, or anything like that.  All I aim to do is to share some ideas and some stories dealing with law, ethics, the legal profession and the idea of spending one’s life as a lawyer responsibily and well.

After one has seen how utterly unpredictable life is and after one accepts that our time is limited and that the amount of time left for any of us is literally unknowable, then how we spend that time, how we treat others and what decisions we make that we think are private – all of that becomes, or at least has become for me, more important, more meaningful and even more enjoyable.  Speaking of enjoyment, from time to time I make largely unsuccessful attempts at using a bit of humor. Laughter, near laughter, smiles and even small, wistful smiles are way better than a lot of other stuff that seems to have the run of the place a great deal of the time.