An unexpected resource for fans of the Supreme Court

Roku 3 is a device that streams programming from the Internet to T.V. Through Roku one can access high quality, free programming such as Democracy Now, Newsy and PBS. Thanks to the Sunlight Foundation one can also listen to many Supreme Court arguments. from the Sunlight Foundation’s Supreme Court website. Listening to Supreme Court arguments may not offer the same level of excitement as a professional sporting event but on the other hand, if one is interested in what goes on during a Supreme Court argument, there is no substitute to listening to the back and forth between members of the Court and counsel. At times it is so intense as the remind one of an athletic event, a cross-fit workout perhaps, with relentless questioning leaving counsel little time to transition from one topic to another. Check it out.  It’s free. And definitely check out Democracy Now and Newsy. I find them to be much better than network and cable news. They cover more real news, report in depth and are not burdened by ads or by heated exchanges between partisans who offer insults but little data.