An UPE: Casemap by Lexis/Nexis

UPE means unsolicited product endorsement.  It is one of the categories listed to the right.

Casemap is a software program that makes it easier to organize and analyze information contained (somewhere) in large numbers of documents.  I have used it for years and now find it all but indispensable. As tedious a chore as reviewing documents can be, in large piles of documents there are stories – evidence – that can be found if one looks and looks and looks, matching dates, with events, with what was said or written in one place with what was said or written in another, or with facts (evidence) from some other source.  Casemap makes dong that manageable and, dare I say it, enjoyable – at least when one begins to understand who said or did what, when, where, how and why.

Casemap is part of a suite of information management tools including Timemap which produces what its title suggests, a chronological map of whatever one needs to map out, documents, events, etc.

The training available for Casemap is excellent and priced attractively (I was able to afford several sessions).

I don’t know how it came to be that my primary Casemap contact at Lexis is Jenne Schrule, who is based in Florida.  However it happened I am glad it did because Jenne has been an invaluable resource, first as a salesperson and then as an adviser about Casemap; how to make the most of it.  She is as fine a representative for a company like Lexis as I can imagine.  Here is Jenne’s contact information:

Jenee’ Schrule
CaseMap Specialist
LexisNexis CaseMap Specialist
904-373-2189 direct
904-273-5001 fax


1-877-301-0344 – Support