But what if the jury finds Hamdan not guilty?

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The jury is comprised of military officers.  The outcome is certain.  Guilty.  Regardless of the outcome, Hamdan will remain in U.S. custody.

But what if a jury of American military officers finds Hamdan not guilty?  What if the jury finds that the government failed to prove that whatever Hamdan did as Bin Laden’s driver did not occur during during a war, that he had nothing to do with and no knowledge of the 9/11, that Hamdan cooperated endlessly and voluntarily with investigators, and that as  a driver Hamdan’s support of Bin Laden was not material and was not related to any act of aggression against the United States?

What would the world think about America and about the American military as represented by the officers on the jury?  What effect would such a decision have on the images from abu ghraib, and on the impressions created by the accounts of torture and renditions?   

Who would benefit more from a not guilty verdict, the United States or Al Queda?

Hard to imagine a not guilty verdict. But it was impossible to imagine that a nation would launch a preemptive war based on faulty intelligence.  Abu Ghraib was unimaginable.  Sometimes things that are hard to imagine happen.