CBA files Motion to Participate in Jacoby & Myers v. Judges of the Superior Court

Representing the CBA, Bill Clendenen of Clendenen & Shea in New Haven,  filed the motion on September 13.  A copy of the motion (to which is attached a copy of The Constitution of the Connecticut Bar Association, Inc. is attached) can be found here. This is a good development for two reasons:  first,  if the Court grants the motion it means that Connecticut lawyers who object to the plaintiff’s attempt to bypass the normal rule making process for the Rules of Professional Conduct in Connecticut will be represented and second because Bill Clendenen, who once, together with Dave Lesser, headed the Law Reform Section of the New Haven Legal Assistance Association, is a first rate litigator.

The litigation of this case is likely to be very expensive.  Who is going to pay for it?  This would be a good time for lawyers who do not belong to the CBA to join. The CBA is an integral part of the legal profession in Connecticut.  It is hard to imagine what the profession would be like with the CBA and local bar associations.  To one extent or another every lawyer who is licensed to practice in Connecticut benefits from work of the CBA and local bar associations.  Lawyers who choose not to join may have their reasons but they nonetheless benefit from the CBA and local bar associations.  Now would be a good time to  pay one’s fair share by joining the CBA and one’s local bar association.  While some lawyers ask “what’s in it for me?” a better question is “how can I contribute to the profession?”  Among the good answers is this one: join the CBA and your local bar association.  To join the CBA click here .  For information about local and specialty bar associations click here.

UPDATE:  Judge Droney granted the CBA’s Motion To Participate on September 14th, 2011.