Cloud Computing – A Particularly Useful Ethics Opinion from Pennsylvania

While taking an ALI-ABA webinar entitled Moving Your Practice To The Cloud Safely and Ethically I learned of an usually thorough and helpful opinion by the Pennsylvania Bar Association Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility:  Formal Opinion 2011-200,  “Ethical Obligations For Attorneys Using Cloud Computing/Software As A Service While Fulfilling The Duties Of Confidentiality And Preservation of Client Property.” To read the opinion click here.

The opinion methodically identifies and applies the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct but what sets this opinion apart from other I’ve seen, including Informal Opinion 2011-3  by the CBA Committee on Professional Ethics,  is the explanation of what cloud computing is, the risk and benefits of using cloud computing and practical suggestions for how to deal with and reduce those risks. I highly recommend that lawyers who store information in the cloud or who are thinking of doing so read and study Pennsylvania Formal Opinion 2011-200.  I also recommend the ALI-ABA webinar, “Moving Your Practice To The Cloud Safely and Ethically.”  Click here for information on how to access the webinar.