Lawyer Theft and You

There is now zero tolerance for lawyer theft. Zero.

One might think that is nothing new. But it is in this sense: there is now an expectation that every lawyer who has reason to believe that another lawyer has or is going to steal will do something about it. Just what that means depends on the circumstance. The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel may well be interested in the circumstance because it has been encouraged to find, investigate and prosecute a failure to report case.

The reason for that encouragement is not hard to imagine. It’s the zero tolerance attitude coming from the Judiciary. Zero tolerance for lawyers who steal and zero tolerance for lawyers who turn a blind eye to it.

If one finds oneself wondering whether or not one has turned a blind eye to the possibility of lawyer theft, one might want to consider the possibility of the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel wondering the same thing and possibly reaching a different conclusion.