House of Delegates Votes Unanimously in favor of ABA Model Rule 1.10

As amended ABA Model Rule 1.10 provides a way to avoid imputed conflicts of interest when lawyers move from one firm to another when those firms represent opposing parties.  At last night’s (Monday, June 20th, 2011)  House of Delegates, following a presentation by Marcy Stoval, a member of the CBA Committee on Professional,  voted unanimously in favor of recommending to the Superior Court Rules Committee the adoption of ABA Model Rule 1.10.  Previously, the CBA Committee on Professional Ethics after discussion of a memorandum prepared by Ms. Stoval had voted in favor of recommending to the CBA leadership that it, the CBA leadership, recommend adoption of Model Rule 1.10 to the Superior Court Rules Committee.  A copy of Ms. Stoval’s memorandum explaining ABA Rule 1.10 as amended and setting forth the reasons for adopting it is available here.