In Memory of Judge Robert A. Satter

On its website  the CBA announced that Judge Satter died last Monday, January 16th.    I didn’t know Bob well.  I was lucky to know him at all.  That I did was due to Bill Cousins, my first mentor-in-the-law ,who introducted me to his onetime law partner the irrepresible always optimistic George Ritter who invited me, years and years ago, to play tennis on Sunday mornings in Glastonbury with some  interesting people, one of whom was Bob Satter, George’s former law partner.  So I first knew Bob as a tennis player.  I remember him as a cheerful,  smart and determined player.  The other way in which I ‘knew” Bob Satter was as a writer.  The Connecticut Law Book Company published one of Bob’s books, A Path In The Law.  Gene O’leary, who owns Connecticut Law Book Company, asked if I would write a review of Bob’s book.  I can’t think of any reason why Gene would ask me except that I was nearby when the book was published and the price was right.  And so I did.  I enjoyed Bob’s book a great deal for two reasons:  it is well written and it contains fascinating and valuable stories about a life in the law. Also there is some excellent history in A Path In The Law.  My modest tribute to Bob Satter is that book review which can be found here.   I hope it conveys some sense of a wonderful man who led an extraordinary life in the law and in public service.