Legal ethics and the Vioxx Settlement: Any news?

At the end of last year and the beginning of this one there were a number of stories about the ethics of the proposed private settlement agreement in the Vioxx Litigation. I know of only one ethics opinion dealing with the settlement agreement, Connecticut Bar Association Informal Opinion 08-01.

Are there others? What is happening with the settlement?

Sometimes silence is the sound a settlement makes.

3 thoughts on “Legal ethics and the Vioxx Settlement: Any news?

  1. Google alert produced a link to an interesting post as Settle It Now Negotiation Blog.

    The post is entitled “Vioxx Settlement: Ethical Dilemma or Common Attorney-Client Conflict.” It is by Settle It Now blogger Victoria Pynchon and is dated November 15, 2007. Pynchon refers to a number of articles about the ethics of the then proposed private settlement agreement, as well as to this (as to be expected) short, trenchant observation from Professor Stephen Gillers of NYU:

    “Clients are not inventory that lawyers can just shed when they become inconvenient. It’s forbidden.”

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