Military officers find Hamdan not guilty on most serious charges

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from WSJ Law Blog:  Hamden Gets 66 months; Eligible for Release in 150 Days

Why did the jury of military officers acquit Hamdan of the most serious charges and why would the military judge sentence him to 66 months (making him eligible for release in 180 days) when the prosecution was asking for 30 years?

The presiding officer is reported to have told Hamdan that he hopes Hamdan will be freed and reunited with his family.

If there was anything fair about what took place at Camp Justice it was not because of the rules under which Hamdan was “tried,” it was because of the military officers on the jury and because of the presiding judge.

Speaking of which why isn’t the strength and health of the military, especially the men and women who serve and their families, the number one campaign issue? In my view, nothing is more important than respecting and supporting (and keeping an eye on) all the people who represent and defend the country. Yet neither candidate nor the press pay any regular attention to the health, strength or leadership of the military. I think that is a terrible mistake