My CLE (cont)

continuation of An experiment in documenting and thereby being thoughtful about professional self-regulation

 Question: How should I go about fulfilling the CLE obligation (see Rule 1. Competence)? My answer (for today at least): ask which CLE is most likely to enable me to serve my clients better?

There several aspects of serving clients. The most obvious is subject matter competence. But others are almost as important, including knowing where the Rules of Professional Conduct are and knowing them well enough to know when it is necessary to consult specific rules, client communication, which requires a degree of organization and personal habits/standards such as returning calls within a reasonable period of time, and efficiency. For example, under the heading of efficiency I include learning how to use certain software such as Adobe Acrobat Professional, which I have found is an excellent tool for document review, document control and document distribution. Earlier this summer I attended a free seminar (product promotion) given by Adobe in NYC. The topic was Adobe for lawyers. The presentations were excellent. That seminar falls within my definition of CLE because the what I learned enables me to serve clients better.

More at a latter time.

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