New ABA Commission to study legal ethics focusing on globalizaton and technology

from ABA website, an excerpt from press release:

ABA President Carolyn B. Lamm Creates Ethics Commission to Address

Technology and Global Practice Challenges Facing U.S. Lawyers

Other Initiatives Respond to Recession, Advance Diversity

CHICAGO, Aug. 4, 2009—American Bar Association President Carolyn B. Lamm of Washington, D.C., announced formation of the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 as she assumed the leadership position at the close of the association’s 2009 Annual Meeting in Chicago.

“Technological advances and globalization have changed our profession in ways not yet reflected in our ethics codes and regulatory structure.  Technologies such as e-mail, the Internet and smart phones are transforming the way we practice law and our relationships with clients, just as they have compressed our world and expanded international business opportunities for our clients.”  said Lamm.

The ethics commission will review lawyer ethics rules and regulation across the United States in the context of a global legal services marketplace.

“Its work will be guided by three simple principles:  protect the public, preserve core professional values, and maintain a strong, independent and self regulated profession.  Reshaping the U.S. legal profession to better serve clients and lawyers in this evolving environment will require a clear vision of the future.  It will require 20/20 vision,” Lamm emphasized.