Not just for children?

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor in conjunction with Georgetown University and Arizona State University is promoting a new website intended to provide free civics lessons about how courts work.  The primary audience is seventh, eighth and ninth graders.  But my guess is that a much wider audience could benefit from Justice O’Connor’s efforts.

In today’s NYT there is an article by Seth Schiesel entitled “Former Justice Promotes Web-based Civics Lessons,” which explains the origin of and intent behind Justice O’Connor’s new way of serving the country. You can find the article here.

The website,, is under construction, but is worth checking out now.  Lawyers have opportunities to help Justice O’Connor.  Formal examples are Law Day activities, visit a high school opportunities, teaching adult education courses, and talking to one’s own children.  And then of course some clients may benefit from an understanding of the role courts play.  I suspect there may be one or two of us lawyers who, when we visit the site, will find that it jogs our memories.