One way to assess LegalZoom’s reliability: compare it to Home Depot

LegalZoom’s first and most prominent claim is this:  “We put the law on your side.”   Sounds good.  Sounds simple.  But what to make of it?  What does LegalZoom’s claim say about LegalZoom and what potential customers can expect from it?

One way to answer those questions is to consider a claim that Home Depot does not make, namely:  “Home Depot puts architecture on your side.”  There is probably a good reason why Home Depot doesn’t make such a claim:  because it’s not true.  When a business bases its advertising on something that is demonstrably untrue, thoughtful consumers should be forewarned.

In fact, when one reads LegalZoom’s fine print, it becomes clear that LegalZoom puts the law on its own side, squarely against its customers.

When seen for what it is, LegalZoom’s claim tells potential customers what they need to know about LegalZoom and what it sells.