Red Flag: “I needed to give people the idea I was doing very well.”

The quote is from Marc Dreier, once a wealthy, nationally known lawyer, now an imprisoned, infamous, former lawyer.  See “Marc Dreier, In His Own Words,” in the September 28th, 2009  Law Blog at the Wall Street Journal.  The brief interview is well worth reading because Dreier explains how easy it is starting with crossing “gray lines” to then cross black lines with tragic and long-lasting consequences:

On his life now:

I expect to spend most of the rest of my life in prison. I hope I don’t die there. I’ve been blessed with good genes, you know. My father died at 91. So I think I have a few years left. I will try to have a meaningful life in prison. It won’t be the life I anticipated. I won’t attend my daughter’s wedding. I will miss all the moments I assumed would be part of my life.