Something One Doesn’t See Everyday: the phrase “victim law firms”

For 22 references to the phrase “victim law firms” see the superseding indictment in The  United States  Of  America v. Emmanuel Ekhator, Yvette Mathurin, Ezeh Matthew Okechukwu, Kingsley Osagie,  Nicholas Jonah Uangbaoje, And Maxwell Nosa Omorer NO. 1:10-CR-244V. (Chief Judge Kane pending in the Middle District of Pennsylvania Federal District Court.  Here is an excerpt from the superseding indictment:

C. Manner and Means of the Conspiracy and Scheme and
Artifice to Defraud

(9) It was part of this conspiracy and scheme and artifice to defraud that the defendants, and others known and unknown to the Grand Jury agreed to obtain money and property; to wit, more than $32 million in actual loss from over 80 victim lawyers and law firms and more than $100 million in attempted loss from approximately 300 additional victim lawyers and law firms, through a “collection” scheme as described herein.

To find out how the defendants allegedly tried to – and allegedly did – carry out their scam, click here to read the superseding indictment.
The defendants allegedly targeted a lot of law firms and lawyers – over 380.  What gave the defendants the idea to target lawyers?  Why did the scam work?