Supreme Court Briefs available online: a valuable and possibly enjoyable resource

That briefs filed with the Connecticut Supreme Court are available online is not breaking news.  As a result of a cooperative arrangement between the Judicial Branch and the Appellate Advocacy Committee, beginning with the 2008 Term Supreme Court briefs are available online at a site named Supreme Court Briefs Online.  The title of the site itself offers a valuable lesson to lawyers who write to persuade:  there are no wasted words; every word counts (H/T Strunk & White, The Elements of Style.)

The site contains a clear explanation of how easy it is to find Supreme Court briefs by using the search   The description is fine as far as it goes.  But one search option, which works according to my recent tests, is to search by author.  So, for example, if one wanted to find a brief written or co-written by one of the most well known appellate advocates in Connecticut, all one need do is type in his or her last name into the search bar and voila!  Why does this matter?  Well, there is always room to improve one’s advocacy oral and written.  Thanks to the Appelate Advocacy’s Committee and the Judicial Department, a first rate resource for lawyers who want to learn and to improve is available online for free.  Try it out.  Enjoy.  By the way, the briefs I’m especially looking forward to reading – not yet available – are in the case of Simms v. Seaman.  For earlier, not particularly enlightening posts about Simms v. Seaman, click here and here.

The work of the Appellate Advocacy Committee in makng Supreme Court briefs available online is another example of lawyers contributing their time and expertise on a pro bono basis to better the profession.  All lawyers should contribute to the profession in some way.  No lawyers should take for granted the work that others do to.  If you’re not a member of CBA and you are wondering what you can do to help the profession, one simple yet meaningful step would be to join the CBA.  For more information about joining click here