The not so invisible hand seeks to cast the deciding vote on the ABA proposal to loosen conflict of interest rules

At its last meeting the ABA House of Delegates defeated, by one vote, a proposal that would have allowed screening in order to permit lateral moves by lawyers from one firm to another.  The ABA will take the matter up again at its mid-year meeting in Boston on Feb. 16th.  Dan Binstock at LegalTimes (see link below) describes rainmakers restless to move to “higher ground” (which Binstock refers to as “flight to quality”).  Current conflict of interest rules can restrict the rainmakers’ options.  The pressure to change those rules has grown.  For an update on the status of the proposals to loosen the conflict of interest rules in the Model Rules click on the link to the ABA Center on Professional Responsibility.

from the ABA Center on Professional Responsibility

ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility
(revised January 26, 2009)

from LegalTimes at see:  The Rainmakers Are Restless

Over the next few months, many top revenue-generators may take their own “flight to quality.”

Legal Times

January 26, 2009