This from the Belfast Telegraph: Articles of Impeachment filed against President Bush

The story can be found here.  Whatever one thinks about the rule of law in this country, and whatever one thinks about the filing of articles of impeachment against President Bush, the story seems important enough to cover carefully and thoroughly even if most U.S. politicians regard it as a fatal, highly contagious disease.

For some reason, when I searched tonight (8:15pm est) for a story that contained the articles of impeachment, the first one I found was from the Belfast Telegraph.  Seems a bit strange.  Why the Belfast Telegraph and not a major U.S. paper?  Surely U.S. papers are covering it and their coverage will be available online. Maybe it is now and it was just a search engine quirk that brought up the Belfast Telegraph first.

In any event, it’s worthwhile to see what other parts of the world regard as important in American politics.