The Bad Ones Stand Out

Ninety-nine point nine percent of lawyers are honest, reliable and trustworthy. They are ubiquitous. They are so common as to be all but invisible. Which is one reason why the criminals stand out and why they do so much damage to the profession.

Here is an article in the Connecticut Law Tribune about the most recent example

Can anything be done to prevent theft of funds in real estate transactions?

What are the first clues that a lawyer has stolen funds?Who is the first to have reason to be suspicious?

What should the standard of practice be when a release is not filed on time?Under the circumstances, should there ever be a grace period?

What should a lawyer do who has ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER that funds have been “mis-appropriated?”

Is transferring the payoff amount directly from the buyer’s bank to the seller’s lender via the ACH system an option?

Comments, suggestions, ideas welcome.