Yale Law Professor Kate Stith, Vice Chair of CBA Committee on Professional Ethics, appointed Acting Dean of Yale Law School

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Law professors are sometimes criticized for not caring about or contributing to the legal profession in the jurisdictions in which their schools are located.  To the extent that criticism is accurate, the reason may be that law schools do not regard involvement in local bar associations as a legitimate activity for members of the academy.  If that is true, law professors who volunteer their time and talent to improve the profession through bar associations or in some other way do so at some professional risk to their careers, namely, (a) that their employer will not give them any credit for such pro bono activities and (b) their employer may regard such non-academic expenditure of time and talent inappropriate for members of the legal academy.

Whatever the case may be at Yale Law School, Professor Stith has been an active and valuable member of the Connecticut Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics.  Judging from the time stamps on emails she has sent to the chairman of the ethics committee about committee business,  11pm is part of Professor Stith’s workday.  The opinions she has drafted for the committee are among the committee’s very best, she contributes to every meeting she attends (which is possible on a regular basis only if one has prepared for the meeting) and she is a creative, articulate, diplomatic, effective problem solver.   While Professor Stith is Acting Dean, the Yale Law School will continue to be in good hands.