Yale Law School to start legal ethics clinic in Spring of 2011

Story here. H/T Legal Ethics Forum.

The clinic’s name is the Ethics Bureau at Yale.  It’s description is here.  The good news – the very good news -is that the instructor is listed as L. Fox.  One hopes the course will be open for auditing.

Note:  Do not confuse the Ethics Bureau at Yale with Yale’s Lawyering Ethics Clinic, which has been prosecuting lawyers for a number of years already under an arrangement that benefits the students, who get experience and course credit, and the complainants, who have their cases prosecuted without charge.

If there is a common thread between Yale’s Lawyering Ethics Clinic and the Ethics Bureau at Yale it may be that in both cases Yale represents what is right against what is wrong.  There are certain luxuries that members of the academy enjoy.  Having the time and economic security to represent right against wrong is one of them.  One wonders whether, on the odd occasion, the distinction between right and wrong and good and bad is clearer when viewed from inside the academy than it is when viewed from the perspective of  the practicing bar.  The academy is an indispensable and under-appreciated pillar of the legal profession.  Its detachment and freedom are invaluable resources to the law and the legal system.  But, just as with prosecutors, one hopes the academy will exercise its considerable power with at least as much practical judgment as rectitude and that entertaining doubt will be considered a valuable part of the process of deciding what the right thing is.