You and Me: On trial

We are all on trial, especially those of us who are lawyers.  We are defendants.  Our reputations are at stake. More importantly, it is a matter of national security.

You can read about our case here at and at the Miami Hearld. (The Hearld article is by Carol Rosenberg, who Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel at thinks will win the Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of the trial. Marcy, who covered the Libby trial with unmatched excellence, knows what she’s talking about (and what she’s doing) when it comes to excellence in journalism.)

This is not the first time we have put ourselves on trial.  The first time we were represented by John Adams and Josiah Quincy. In that case we vindicated our fundamental values and protected our freedom.  You can read about that case here. The article is by Professor Daniel Coquillette of Boston College Law School.  It appeared on the Boston Globe on January 18, 2007.

We ought to speak out, speak in our own defense, defend our fundamental values.  Who would ever have imagined that a legal proceeding like the one in Guantanamo would be designed and carried out by the government of the United States of America.  Torture “evidence.” Our government.  “Our” “law.” In our name.

Who will represent us in the international court of public opinion?