Bloomberg Law – Definintely Worth a Look

Having never heard of Bloomberg Law, I was curious signed and up for a free trial. Because of other commitments I wasn’t able to use it as extensively as I would have liked, but based on my experience during the trial period, my sense is that Bloomberg Law is a superb value. Not only does one gain access to a number of useful databases but also there extensive support services available. If you have checked out Bloomberg Law, do.  It’s pricing is attractive – no extra charges that I found -.  It’s coverage of state and federal law is unlimited, i.e. the base price covers all. And there is the added benefit of access to Bloomberg News. The people I spoke with professional and reliable.  In my view, it’s definitely worth a look.

An UPE: Casemap by Lexis/Nexis

UPE means unsolicited product endorsement.  It is one of the categories listed to the right.

Casemap is a software program that makes it easier to organize and analyze information contained (somewhere) in large numbers of documents.  I have used it for years and now find it all but indispensable. As tedious a chore as reviewing documents can be, in large piles of documents there are stories – evidence – that can be found if one looks and looks and looks, matching dates, with events, with what was said or written in one place with what was said or written in another, or with facts (evidence) from some other source.  Casemap makes dong that manageable and, dare I say it, enjoyable – at least when one begins to understand who said or did what, when, where, how and why.

Casemap is part of a suite of information management tools including Timemap which produces what its title suggests, a chronological map of whatever one needs to map out, documents, events, etc.

The training available for Casemap is excellent and priced attractively (I was able to afford several sessions).

I don’t know how it came to be that my primary Casemap contact at Lexis is Jenne Schrule, who is based in Florida.  However it happened I am glad it did because Jenne has been an invaluable resource, first as a salesperson and then as an adviser about Casemap; how to make the most of it.  She is as fine a representative for a company like Lexis as I can imagine.  Here is Jenne’s contact information:

Jenee’ Schrule
CaseMap Specialist
LexisNexis CaseMap Specialist
904-373-2189 direct
904-273-5001 fax


1-877-301-0344 – Support

Casemaker Gets a Makeover: WOW!

Casemaker, an online legal research tool, is one of the most obvious benefits of belonging to the CBA.  Not everyone can afford Lexis/Nexis or Westlaw but everyone can benefit from computerized research which is available to all CBA members free of charge via Casemaker.

Until recently (yesterday in fact) I found Casemaker cumbersome and sometimes confounding. I didn’t like it.  Yesterday I took a free, online Casemaker webinar hoping to learn how to use 2.2 efficiently.  Casemaker 2.2 is what one will see when one logs into Casemaker from the CBA website.  I didn’t realize the seminar was about how to use Casemaker 3.  At first glance, Casemaker 3 is a vast improvement over 2.2.  The search function is intuitive and the search results are organized and presented about as well as conceivably possible.

There are two ways to try out the new Casemaker.  Login to the CBA site, go to the Casemaker page and click on the not especially prominent “Try It Now” box.  The other way is to take one of the free webinars.  Click here for the schedule of upcoming webinars.  I recommend taking one of the webinars.

For those of you – and there are too many of you – who do not belong to the CBA for either no reason or for one short-sighted reason or another, now is a good time to join up. To join click here.