Ethics Issues part of Conference on The Future of The Global Law Firm – Nonlawyer ownership

Excerpt from Conference Brochure:

2:15-3:45 Panel 3: Ethics and Professional Values
Non-lawyer ownership interests in law firms is prohibited in the United States by ethics rules in every jurisdiction, on the ground that such ownership will threaten lawyers’ ethics and professional values. This panel will discuss whether this is a realistic concern. It will explore the impact of nonlawyer ownership, and public ownership in particular, on the ideaof law practice as a profession with a distinctive set of responsibilities and aspirations. How are these changes likely to affect the ways that lawyers provide services and conceptualize their professional identifies and obligations? Are they likely to generate particular types of ethical issues and liability risks for law firms?
For more information about the conference, which is free and will be held on April 17 and 18, see post at The Legal Profession Blog.