The LawyerUp User Agreement

In an earlier post, I noted that I was unable to find the LawyerUp User Agreement and that without reading it one would not be able to tell how much the service cost.  Not long after putting that post up, I received an email from Chris Miles, LawyerUp’s founder, saying that he’d come across my blog comment that it was difficult for me to find the LawyerUp User Agreement.  Mr. Miles expressed his thanks to me for bringing his attention to my difficulty and invited me to revisit the site where he hoped I would find a direct link to the User Agreement.  I revisited the LawyerUp site and I did find a direct link to the User Agreement.  I don’t know whether or not the link was there previously and I just missed it, but the important thing is that it’s there now.  You can find the User Agreement here.

My thanks to Mr. Miles for contactng me.