Yes We Can!

If we had any regular readers they would know that we see everywhere connections to the practice of law, to the legal profession and to the special obligations and opportunities of lawyers.  Last night’s election is perhaps the best example.   In his acceptance speech, President-elect Barack Hussein Obama returned to a theme that ran through his campaign and that will serve as a reminder for all of us in the difficult times ahead: “Yes we can!”  We are elated and excited and hopeful in part because in our view Obama, his campaign and the nation’s choice are all clear evidence, the best evidence of what we believe:  change is possible.  As we wrote previously in About This Blog: “…. this blog is about the possibility of change, of making improvements in how we, collectively, are spending our lives, how we treat people and what it means to honor and to sustain the legal profession.”  We draw attention to this connection with no sense of self-congratulation.  There is no self to congratulate.  And if there were we wouldn’t congratulate it. Our point is simply that if the country on such an unimaginably grand scale- as big and as divided as it has been – believes in the possibility of change and in the value of hope – as it cleary does – then surely the legal profession, on a much, much smaller scale, can too. Just as all the individuals who worked for and voted for Obama have demonstrated, individuals can, do and in this last election did make a difference.  Individual lawyers can too in the context of our profession.  Today is a good day, a really good day.  As Obama said let’s night, “let’s pitch in and help each other … we are all in this togehter.”